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CPD/Short Courses

CPD/Short Courses

The London Teacher Training College offers a wealth of short courses to enable your continuing professional development (CPD).From teaching vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and phonetics, there is something for everyone listed here.

This qualification demonstrates that a teacher has learned and is able to apply the knowledge and skills specifically required when teaching in a one to one situation which is quite different from normal multiple student class environment.

This is a short and very practical course covering basic approaches, techniques and tips for improving your students' pronunciation, stress and intonation.

A short course for those who are currently preparing students for this hugely popular examination or who wish become in involved in such teaching.

Our Certificate in English Grammar course covers all the basics of English grammar, in an easy to read format with self correcting tasks to aid your understanding.

This is a short and practical course aimed at developing the teacher's skills in the introduction and teaching of vocabulary.

This 20 hour TEFL course covers a wide ranging and deep study of English grammar. It is a rigorous programme in which you will study the following areas and much more :

This 20 hour course covers both the study of Phonology (the sounds of a particular language) and Phonetics (the sounds in language).

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